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We are a team that prioritizes the search for what matters above all. We love our work and our lives, and we will not settle for less. Our work is our opportunity to grow, reaching, and pushing our limits to its full potential. This is more than the design and manufacture of products. It is people who are behind the process and you all around the world who share the same values. We are in this adventure and we hope you will join us.

The story so far

Over the past two years, we have come a winding road full of mistakes and successes to finally create Numag. Starting with a few years of development in the garage of our house, working day and night to achieve the goal of reaching a product to really be proud.

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All the hands together

Instead of the traditional separation between design, manufacturing, and marketing management where areas are not mixed. In our case, all within a few meters of workshop where we manufacture the Numag is made. We like dynamic roles where jobs intersect, collaborate, and evolve every day.

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